Veröffentlicht von Upwind Holding, am 07.02.2019

Hegau Tower gewinnt 10 Year Award des Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Chicago

Completed in 2008, the Hegau Tower is still the tallest, most modern and most unique feature in Singen’s architectural landscape in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.

The selective use of materials, the modern shading screen offering transparency and cover at the same time and the simplicity of the design – all of these elements have been of substantial value to everyone involved and the community in Singen ever since. Even 10 years after completion, Hegau Tower continues to shape the city of Singen: Its structure, economic development and its aesthetic.


Upwind Holding and the Hegau Tower

The Upwind Holding has been a shareholder of the Tower right from the beginning in 2008. The company has had offices in the Tower overlooking Singen and enjoy the numerous benefits and qualities of the unique architecture.

Hegau Tower looks back on an eventful history. Originally initiated by Roland Grundler, Managing Director of the urban housing association GVV and with the third change in ownership since its establishment, Upwind Holding intends to usher in a new era for the Hegau Tower. The property still offers numerous unused potentials from which the citizens of Singen could benefit: Not only as a landmark, but also as a cultural venue and on an economic level.

Following modern working space concepts all over the world, the company intends to set up co-working spaces to further develop the start-up culture in the region. As a local family business, it is essential to the Upwind Holding to keep the city of Singen attractive for business people in the long run and to do the ambitious architectural demands of the building justice.