UPWIND Holding investments

Upwind’s investment portfolio reflects the holding’s values and philosophy as a family company: responsible investments across a wide range of sectors give the holding company momentum in economically prosperous phases and stability in turbulent times. The portfolio includes company acquisitions, investments in real estate and shares, art and design objects – ranging from classical art (painting, sculpture, photography) to automotive art.
Last but not least, Upwind sounds out the vibrant market and invests in and promotes promising start-ups.

“With upwind to new targets”

UPWIND Holding investments

Since it was founded, UPWIND Holding (formerly known as Burkart Verwaltungen GmbH), our company has reported continual growth. This is evidenced by numerous exciting and successful investments – primarily in the healthcare sector, but also beyond – as well as the ongoing development of various national and international markets.

Upwind Holding, Singen (Bodensee) and Berlin

The Minds


Nikolai P. Burkart

Laurent Burkart

Dr. Armin Schuler

Magdalena Eilers


» Upwind Holding is a family company with offices in Singen am Bodensee and Berlin

» Upwind Holding’s history dates back to the 1930s