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AIVA Institute for Vitality and Aesthetics: in demand by the press shortly after opening

The opening of Germany’s first Longevity Institute in Berlin-Biesdorf had already triggered a hugely positive media response. Among others, the “Tagesspiegel” reported and titled: “In Marzahn, people are now focussing on beauty”. The article was about the Arona Institute for Vitality and Aesthetics as well as its significance for Berlin’s healthcare industry – especially in the area around the accident hospital (UKB for short).

The AIVA Institute and its medical director Andrea Caletti are now increasingly in demand as a point of contact for the media when it comes to current topics and trends in the fields of anti-ageing, beauty and health.

For example, the magazine “Madame” reported on the pros and cons of currently very popular peptide injections for long life and timeless beauty. Here Dott. Mag. Andrea Caletti gave a precise assessment: Panacea or money-making ploy? In any case, it is not a trend that should be jumped on lightly – but with serious advice from experts at the AIVA Institute, it can certainly be a building block for health, well-being and beauty.

“Petra” describes the AIVA Institute in great detail and dedicates its article to the concept of longevity and its significance. Longevity is one of the main themes of the AIVA Institute for Vitality and Aesthetics. Andrea Caletti is also an expert on this topic.

Elle” recently devoted an article to the often ignored accumulation of heavy metals in the body and also draws on the expertise of Andrea Caletti in this context. He illustrates the possible negative consequences of heavy metal content, which usually finds its way into our bodies through an unhealthy diet, and also highlights diagnostic and treatment options.

The aim of AIVA is to holistically harmonise a broad spectrum of innovative treatment offers so that patients can live longer healthy, vital and beautiful lives. The institute covers 1,400 square metres and has 18 treatment rooms, an operating theatre and its own VIP area. It is located in Berlin-Biesdorf on the grounds of the Gesundheitscampus Berlin and in the immediate vicinity of the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin. The team around our head doctor Dott. Mag. Andrea Caletti consists of 20 people.  AIVA offers a comprehensive treatment portfolio in the fields of dermatology, prevention, regeneration and aesthetics and is therefore aimed at an audience aged between 18 and 80+.