Veröffentlicht von Upwind Holding, am 07.02.2019

Hegau Tower: Upwind Holding becomes majority shareholder

The Singen-based family-run Burkart Group has signed the acquisition contracts for the Hegau Tower on the Maggistrasse. As a result, in addition to the two-and-a-half floors already owned by the Burkart Group, a further 12 of the total 17 floors will be transferred from the OSWA Group/JV Capital Group to the Burkart Group.  Two-and-a-half floors will remain with the other owners. The family company has maintained its own office spaces in the tower since 2008.

New owners are keen to revitalise Singen’s landmark

Almost ten years after opening in October 2008, the tower is now transferring to its third owner. “With the tower’s eventful history, and on the occasion of the tenth anniversary, the change of ownership heralds a new phase,” explains Nikolai Burkart, Managing Director of the Burkart Group. “Fittingly for the anniversary, we are pleased that the Hegau Tower, initiated 10 years ago by GVV Managing Director Roland Grundler, is one of the finalists this year for the “10 Year Award” of the CTBUH Annual Awards (“Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat”), which will be presented in Chicago at the end of May. Furthermore, the building offers a wealth of untapped potential not only as a landmark, but also as a venue for cultural events as well as on an economic level, from which the citizens of Singen could benefit,” he elaborates. “As a company that started out here, it means a lot to us to secure the location and invest locally,” says Burkart.

Markus Oswald, one of the sellers, describes the partial acquisition of the Hegau Tower from the insolvency of GVV as a challenge that the company has taken on “gladly and successfully”. “Since the acquisition, we have reduced void periods in the tower and brought well-known tenants to Singen,” adds Jan Watzl as a business partner of Mr Oswald. The sellers congratulate the Burkart Group on the acquisition of the Hegau Towers.


Investments planned: on the new owner’s wish list are also co-working spaces and cultural events


A lot is set to change at the Hegau Tower under the new owner. In particular, promoting new spatial concepts is on the wish list. “Following the Berlin model, we want to create co-working spaces to further develop the start-up culture in the region. As a local family company, it is important to us to maintain the attractiveness of Singen for businesses in the long-term,” adds Laurent Burkart, who was recently appointed as an additional director of the Burkart Group. Other ideas include holding regular cultural events such as lectures and concerts to bring the entrance hall to life, a reception service to greet guests, and a Business Club to offer business people a platform to network, with conference and events spaces for example.